Beckett Park Indigenous Flora Reserve Excursion

Updated: May 28, 2021

Friday 28th May 2021 Beckett park excursion

Whilst at the park, we will have a walk-in Beckett Park Indigenous Flora Reserve, an important revegetation site for indigenous species. We will discover, explore and discuss indigenous plants, such as golden wattles, kangaroo grass, kangaroo apple bushes. Our children will be able to explore nature freely.

This excursion plays an important part in our celebration of the National Reconciliation week (27th May - 3rd June) and commemorates National Sorry day 26th May 2021.

We will also hold our regular Yarning Circle held at the park, where we will acknowledge the Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Nation of our country; we show our appreciation to them for sharing land with us; we promise to look after the land, the people and the animals.

We will have a picnic morning tea and after tea in the park.

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