Kid Inventors Day 17th January

2022 has kicked off with the dramatic spread of covid in the community, but our program is still implemented at 3 Apples.

Kid Inventor Day is a day to encourage all the children across the world to think outside the box to invent something. Many of the children don’t know that kids have created some of the things that we people use in our day-to-day life. It includes Popsicles, Braille, Earmuffs, etc., The Day commemorates the birth of Genius and Kid inventor, Benjamin Franklin. He is the earliest known kid inventor, and at the age of twelve, he invented Swim Flippers. Hence Kid Inventors Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of the inventors and to encourage the children to be more creative.

We celebrate the day by encouraging our children to be more creative. Help them to invent new things and encourage them to find solutions to solve their problems. We offer children problem-solving toys and games to develop their critical thinking skills, such as Duplo, Legos, puzzles, and recycling materials.

Toddlers created an impressive vehicle; Kinders created a City Creation Project together.

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