Olympic 2021 Celebration on Wednesday 28th July 2021

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

We are planning a special day on Wednesday 28th July, to celebrate the Olympic 2021 with our children, where we will focus on the spirit of unity and sportsmanship the game symbolize.

Some of the traditional Olympic games can be easily modified for young children. We will focus on children accomplishing a personal best rather than winning and losing.

We will make a torch and encourage children to take turns passing it. We will look at different flags of different countries. We will look at different types of sports.

We have been collecting the Woolworth Aussie Heroes Sticker Packs and check out the statistics and fun facts about these great Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

If you are able to collect some from your shopping in Woolworth, please kindly bring them to us.

Please help your child dress up in their sports outfit on Wednesday and join in our celebration.

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